Alan Trees has 35 years of gold dredge design and manufacturing. He is proud to reintroduce the world famous flared sluice design to increase that fine gold recovery. These are not production line dredges. 

All gold dredges from 4 inch to our 6 inch models incorporate this new flared design. All gold dredges are custom built and hand fitted to ensure 100% quality and performance - with the best gold recovery built into each unit.


Buying dredges factory direct will save up to 25%.  All gold dredges incorporate Subaru engines. Subaru engines design will give you 20% better fuel economy and with the new high performance pressure pumps and air compressors... Gold Dredge Builders Warehouse can sell you some parts to help you build your own gold dredges or we can build a complete model for you. 


Mining Equipment Designer, Alan Trees

Has Been Manufacturing Gold Equipment

Since 1979 and Is Here to Help!


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